About Siconimages

Simaen Skolfield, The Photographer.
With a passion for the arts, Simaen Skolfield has won the prestigious Grammy Award with his keen ears for capturing the realism of music and sound. In photography, he brings his uncanny skills to the visual world by framing life in its fullest senses. In photographic moments of all kinds; weddings to family, to portraitures, Simaen possesses certain, rare abilities with which to capture our private world . As Simaen puts it, “I want to capture the real beauty of every person so they will be cherished again and again, the world over.” Mr. Skolfield is an independent professional digital-image-capture based photographer living in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

Photography Equipment

Panasonic Lumix L1 w/ 14-50 Leica 2.8